Rabbi Stanley 509-423-7827
108 1rst Street Wenatchee
Right on the corner of 1rst and Wenatchee Ave DOWNTOWN!
Call at 509-423-7827

Rabbi Stanley grew up in Israel spending 19 years in HaAretz (The Land) ministering to and for the Jewish people. His teachings in the U.S. focus on the roots of our faith in Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew). He now also teaches at Beit Aveinu Yeshivas (Rabbinical Universities) all over the world.
The Rebbitzin (Rabbi's wife in Hebrew) has a love for children and will soon have a children's ministry at Beit Aveinu every Shabbat. In India, she worked with the children in her village of Morumunda teaching Hindus and Moslems about the love of the Jewish Yeshua.
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