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me is who
who is he
he is she
where do you live afo attaw garr
where are you from meyine attaw
where -afo
cacha cacha so-so
zeh oh that's all
zeh this or that
bideyuke exactly
tove toda good thankyou
yofi beautiful
anachnu   we
shalom   goodbye/hello/peace
shabbat Sabbath
shawma there

Class 2
besader - ok
rock - only
lomed learn (m)
lomedit learn (f)
evreet Hebrew
poe here
ockshav  now
bevakisha  please
arteest artist
boker tove erev tove   Good morning good evening
abba daddy
slicha  excuse me
ma zeh   what is this
aten atem   you (mp)  you (fp)
kotev write
ode pam one more time
angleet english
1 and 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Echad shtyme shalosh arba chamesh shesh sheva shmoni tesha esser 

Class 3
Ima mother
yodayah   know
hiyom    this day
mevene understand
veh and
gum also
attaw yoday afo haulpon? do you know where the ulpon is?
yeled boy
yeledeem children
yelda girl
mevene understand
telephone telephone
televisia television
auto car
autobus bus
fridgedar refridgerator
safer book
veh and
rotzeh want
baruch blessed
adoni Lord
eloheynu  our lord
azay which
meelaw word
More new words...
Mevene (M) Mevenah (F) understand
Yodayah (M) Yodahawt (F) Know
1. Hello, who are you (M)(F)
2. Hello, I’m _______
Pleased to meet you (Naim Maode)
Pleased to meet you.
1. How are you?
2. I’m ok. How are you?
I’m good thank you very much
1.  Where are you from?
2.  I’m from America
Where are you from?
1. I’m also (gum ani) from America

2. Do you speak Hebrew?
1. Yes, I speak a little hebrew
2. Do you speak English?
Yes, I speak English.
Do you want to live in Mitzraim?
1.   No, no, no, I don’t want to live in Mitzraim. Now, Mitzraim is a mess!

Excuse me, what’s that?
This is Chocolate
1. Is there banana in the chocolate?
2. No, there’s no banana in the chocolate.
Is there coffee in the chocolate?
Yes, yes there is coffee in the chocolate.
2. Do you want the chocolate?
1.  Yes, I want the chocolate, thank you.
2. You’re welcome

Where’s the bus?
I don’t know. It’s not here.
1. Is there a taxi here?
2. Yes, but it’s a lot of money.
I don’t have any money.
C’mon let me get you some pizza over there at the Pizzaria.
2. Yella, Yesh Pizza shawma behaPizzaria
Another good tool for learning... http://bibleinhebrew.com/ 
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