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By Rabbi Stanley
Who were the Nephalim?
Gen. 6:1-4

Concerning the Nephilim: this is a time when it's important to know Hebrew and I'd suggest any and everyone to try and learn it if at all possible (same goes for Greek). When reading this passage in Hebrew it makes perfect sense. The word “nephil” means "giant". The
masculine plural form is “nephilim”. All masculine plurals in Hebrewend in “im” (pronounced "eem").

Were there giants in ancient days? Yes there were. We know of Goliath in 1 Sam 17. But here's the misunderstanding. We often think of giants in the way of the giant from say "Jack and the bean stalk.” Some humanoid form the size of a small skyscraper, or some other medieval conception. This was not what a giant was. Goliath was by most estimates nine feet tall. This term would include some of our NBA players of today, although they'd be a little short. There are some new excavations that have verified the existence of these "giants.”

Not far from our base in Sardinia in Italy they have uncovered tombs that are over nine feet in length. This place is called "The Tomb of the Giants." The tribe of Philistines from this area are called the "Shardana". This very well may have been where Goliath was from. The Philistines prior to that were from farther north. We do know they were Caucasian and blue eyed (originally probably Nordic). We can tell from the bones the pigmentation of ones skin. From their paintings of themselves we see the color of their eyes. The Philistines that settled in Israel were mostly in the Gaza area. Today you will see, from time to time, Palestinians from that area who still have the blue eyes and that is from when the Philistines mixed with the Arab populace centuries ago.

What happens with Genesis 6 is some will see the term "sons of G-d" and interpret that as meaning spirit beings. This is in no wYeshua use this same term in a very well known passage but those propagating a "super human race" haven't connected the dots. You may remember this passage in Mt 5:9: Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will be called what??? The sons of God!!! If the sons of G-d are some super human race who has faded out, then what does this mean? That they have come back? LOL No, it means righteous men. So, what happened here in Genesis 6?

Well, back in the ancient days of Noah when there were still groups or tribes of large people who were around 12 feet tall, there were some righteous men who fell and began marrying these women even though they were not girls who followed G-d and they had families with these women and they themselves turned their back on G-d. That's it. Nothing more then that.

We know that spirits cannot have sex with people! The Bible says in Matt 22:30
For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. So angles do not marry or reproduce, there's no need for them to. There are no "baby angels"! Demons are fallen angels (angel means, "messenger" in Greek) so they too don't have reproductive organs. So the idea that demons were having sex with women is simply ridiculous.

The Bible is full of wonders, so we don't need to look for anything more fantastic then it
already is. There's no super-human race unless of course you add some of the members of the NBA.

Shalom in Yeshua,

Rabbi Stanley